The ITV miniseries starring Stephen Tompkinson, Maria Lennon, Lydzia Englert

“A gripping combination of thriller, horror story and romance” —Bookworld

There’s an apparently fatal incident when schoolteacher Jim Harper opens the wrong door in a mountain research station owned by multinational giant Risinger-Genoud. Even treatment with their untried and experimental superdrug cannot save his life. Or so it seems. For Jim Harper, though left for dead, has survived. And in the long haul back to health and sanity, he begins to realise that some terrible change has taken place. Step by horrifying step, Jim Harper unravels his story and then designs the perfect act of vengeance, an act that takes him to the brink of madness...

“In the best tradition of the international thriller and horror fields, Gallagher, author of the fine Valley of Lights, has created another blend of genres that shouldn’t disappoint the dedicated reader of either. Is it still paranoia when everybody really is after you? Gallagher answers that question with style, insight, and a riveting sense of suspense... Oktober ranks among the best thriller/horror novels of not just this year, but any year.” Mystery Scene

 “His prose is clear and diamond-sharp, his imagination dark and vivid... a beautifully crafted novel of paranoia and shadowy horror.” Starburst

Oktober Stephen Gallagher Paperback: 270 pages £7.99 Publisher: The Brooligan Press (2 Jan. 2018) Language: English ISBN-10: 1999920724 ISBN-13: 978-1999920722

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