A story of modern terror and suspense set against an authentic and spectacular background.

The Follower—one of Scandinavia’s most intriguing myths. It brings together geologist John Visco, chasing a survey job that may not exist, and Sara Hansun, a woman sticking to her side of a lovers’ agreement in an affair gone cold. Their shared destination: the Arctic fishing village of Tromstad. 

But the roads are closed. And the snow is falling. And out in the darkness, the Follower waits; half-human, half-beast, a demon spirit rejected by its maker to live independently and in misery.

The Follower’s sole and driving purpose; to achieve a return to human form.

To find a new host.

"If thriller reading were a sin, Stephen Gallagher would be responsible for my ultimate damnation. His work is fast-paced, well-written, infused with a sense of dark wonder, and altogether fresh."—Dean R Koontz  

"Gallagher knows the secret of good supernatural horror. He keeps the gunk and gore to a bare minimum, and screws the emotional tension up tight from the first.”—Colin Greenland, Imagine

 "The finest British writer of bestselling popular fiction since le Carré."—John Williams, The Independent

Follower Stephen Gallagher Paperback: 304 pages £7.99 The Brooligan Press (24 July 2018) Language: English 
ISBN-10: 1999920791 ISBN-13: 978-1999920791

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