Out of his Mind

Not Here, Not Now
By the River, Fontainebleau
Driving Force
The Visitors' Book
Little Angels
The Drain
Old, Red Shoes
The Horn
Modus Operandi
The Jigsaw Girl
Fancy That!
Life Line
Like Shadows in the Dark
No Life for me Without You, Vodyanoi
God's Bright Little Engine
O, Virginia 
The Sluice
Casey, Where He Lies
In Gethsemane

From the introduction by Brian Clemens: "These stories are varied and imaginative, each with a fascinating premise. They take you by the hand and lead you through Steve’s uniquely angled take on the world . . . often embodying stunning twists and featuring real stings in the tail. In one, Steve slips into the head of a recalcitrant driver with terrifying accuracy, and then, in another, he moves just as smoothly into the minds of pubescent boys, with all their fantasies and cruelties. It’s always controlled in masterly fashion and while his characters may occasionally be unable to see the truth their creator always does."

Out of his Mind Stephen Gallagher Paperback: 418 pages £9.99 Publisher: The Brooligan Press (2 Feb. 2018) Language: English ISBN-10: 1999920732 ISBN-13: 978-1999920739

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