The Companion

"A finer, more chilling ghostly novel than most of those recently published. Mr Damp deserves a place in the gallery of great English night creatures. M. R. James might have been proud to have created him, and I certainly would be.” Ramsey Campbell

A broken church window, smashed in a bid to contain the power trapped within its stained glass... The desperate sobbing of a child who isn’t there... When restoration expert Kit Farris moves into the adjoining Grange with his three daughters, how can he know what dark forces his work will unleash?

“A high energy fantasy with very powerful scenes. . . a chilling and dramatic end.” Books for Keeps
“This is an excellent book, which celebrates and transcends genre. As much family story as ghost story. A tense drama of abuse, neglect and longing. An old-fashioned ghost tale with a modern edge, consciously a tribute to M R James in its setting and atmosphere. It echoes a book such as Margaret Mahy’s The Changeover in its depiction of children rallying their defences against the urgency of adult appetites.”
Neil Philip, The Times

“Truly, a Jamesian romp. The author uses his sources with care, in a well-plotted mystery with some genuine chills” Rosemary Pardoe, Ghosts and Scholars

"It scared the life out of me" Philippa Pearce

Previously published as Shapeshifter

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